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This morning during a cheerful two hour nap I had a dream in which I was a different girl and I was kissing an assumed boyfriend (who was really a former real life neighbor who I had a crush on and then hated) except his upper body was a BAG OF CHIPS and they were just like the puffy cheetos but they were German and the bag was really big and I was thinking WHY ARE AMERICANS' PRODUCTS SO SMALL and we kept kissing and it seemed completely normal in the dream and then i woke up and was like HEY I WAS MAKING OUT WITH A BAG OF CHIPS
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Gryffindor YO!

I knitted my own Gryffindor scarf! I did it on a loom...it took me a few days. I don't know if I have enough yellow yarn left to knit a hat. I want to also make little arm gloves that don't have fingers on them.

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MSPaint meme!!!
1. Comment and I'll pick some of your LJ interests and draw you a picture in MS Paint. (i will also probably use some stuff from google images because google images equals yes sir)
2. You have no say in what I draw you! And how crazy i will get!
3. Put this in your journal. And the pic someone drew for you. (you don't have to...but it would be NICE!)

PS. See if you can guess what interests i used.
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based on true events

He cut a piece of his heart out with the knife you handed him.
You took it without saying a word, and put it in your pocket.
Walking away, it slipped out.
You knew that pocket had a hole.
Don't say you love him if you don't know how.
Don't let him hold you in his arms if you can't hold him in your own.

Fading into night.
Breathing, together.
Imagining a spiraling shot downwards on your bodies, lying next to each other.
You can't sleep because the hole in your soul aches for something no one has but you.
You slip from the sheets, through the door.
You wander for hours, looking for the piece of you that is missing. Oh, girl, you won't find it here.
He comes looking for you.
That makes it harder to tell him

Seizing, breathing, bleeding, trying to cry but you can't let it out.
Underneath a frozen sky of broken glass, you wait for it to fall but it just won't.
You hate your stupid, bruised heart.
You wish someone would reach inside and GRAB it,
give it a reason to beat.
WAKE UP AND LIVE, they should say.

Why can't that hand be your own?
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rice cakes

rice cakes rice cakes taste so nice cakes apple cinnamon in my tummy yum won't enlarge my bum yum yum yum crunchy munchy oh so smunchy fills my heart with tastiness won't go to wastiness rice cakes rice cakes better than ice cakes sugary spice cakes once or twice cakes maybe even thrice cakes rice cakes rice cakes yum

just to let you know

i can't stop eating them

and they're only the freaking safeway generic brand

what the hell is wrong with me
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